Incest, by Kopikura, AKA Kino Hitoshi [English, Incest, 254 pictures]

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Incest english translated free hentai manga

Let’s be rational. Why call “Incest” a hentai manga, 254 pictures long, when it barely contains 60-70 incest picture parts, eh ?

Nevermind, guys, here is Incest (cough) by Kopikura, AKA Kino Hitoshi, one of the masters of the “wet and sloppy” style, a great english translated hentai manga :D

It contains great incest, great “normal” stories, including love stories ( <3 ), and also, regrettably, one scat chapter, ew.

(Remember to check The list of my shares by Kopikura)

Some of the stories are fucking GREAT if you ask me. The two daughters of a Yak’ story, for instance… Or a scene where a boy in swim shorts, watched by a large audience, tries not to get a hard-on staring at a girl in front of him, until she starts to mimic fellatio :D

Open the Complete Pictures gallery (or the backup gallery)

Here comes the zip link! Help yourselves! ^^
(68 MB, 254 pictures, English)

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Or you can also use the Alternative Zip :
Mirror #1 – or – Mirror #2 – or – Mirror #3

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Incest, by Kopikura, AKA Kino Hitoshi [English, Incest, 254 pictures]

Alternative Zip Mirror #2,_Incest_(

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Would you like to add RS link pls

Thank you.

Rainy Day
Rainy Day

Never to late to say Thank for the book!!

Jen H
Jen H

Oooh – another venture into hidden ancient realms!
FYI: ass-to-mouth blowjobs are scat – don't let anyone tell you any different!
(Trust me – I've been there!)