Damette Itta Noni chapters 2-3-4 [English, 90 pictures], by Mori Takuya

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 3 comments
Tags: threesome
centerfold girl, sisters threesome, daughter incest o_O

Yesterday, I shared Bikkubiku, a short marvel drawn by Mori Takuya, and I asked for links to more works by this artist. It only took a few hours to receive, in reply, plenty of download links to Damette… !
That’s one of those things I love so much about hentai, the more you offer the more you receive. My sincere thanks to Molly, Noname, Melocure and Siryu-Kun !

Damette Itta Noni tells about a hot housewife, about two younger sisters competing for their brother, and about a daughter whose father sells their sex tapes for a living until she becomes addicted. Honestly, I really find the last part objectable (unlike the second part : sister incest, so what, who cares, incest hentai never makes sense anyway), but I couldn’t cut it off either :roll:

What I really like about this artist, this is, I think, the fact the girls can keep an innocent angelic face, even while their body is screaming for more sex and their behaviour couldn’t be any sluttier… That’s a winner combo :lol:

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Here comes the zip link! Help yourselves! ^^
(32 MB, 90 pictures, English)

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And NO, there is no chapter 1, it has no translated version unfortunately.

I’m not so interested in untranslated hentai anymore – and I have even less time to upload it -, but if you guys want COMPLETE untranslated mangas by Mori Takuya, then here is a good link, two complete japanese hentai mangas by that mangaka, eager to occupy room on your hard disks ;)

Must I even write this ? Please, if you know where to find more english-translated stuff by Mori Takuya, be cool, share the link in a comment :)

And don’t forget it, if you missed it, take a look at Bikkubiku, I even prefer it over Damette… :razz:


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This is only 3 chapters… of a work that is presumably long completed (at least in the raw) and that seems to have 8 at least… what's weird is that most of the online offers I've seen are only these same chapters (going to check if the apparently complete offerings are, and are translated). Would anybody know why only those three chapters are around? If it's loli, I'll know why they aren't here… Did the scanlator do it without commission and get to other projects? or what?


if you follow his links, you wont get anywhere, at least not to the hentaiscans.