Beware of Wakana Sensei [English, 174 pictures], by Kira Hiroyoshi

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 3 comments
Tags: Anal
hot science teacher Meet one of the most perverted teachers I saw in a long time, Wakana Sensei:P – I mean, for instance, if you discover a student doesn’t dare to hold his girfriend’s arm in public, turning him into an exhibitionist by fucking him in the train and in the public toilets, would you call that a solution to cure his problem ? :lol:This manga always has the same heroine, a hot brune with BIG lips ( :shock: ), with various school members… There’s no real overall scenario, but the story is still pleasant, without complications, with lots of sex and lots of good feelings between the characters too :)

By the same artist, I also share The Noble Illusionist [English, 183 pictures] and The Lecherous Membrane [English, 177 pictures]

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By the same artist, I also share The Noble Illusionist [English, 183 pictures]

The Noble Illusionist

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great post, olvie. this is the best english translated-doujin site.
can u please upload on rapidshare or megaupload, the depositfile give me " all download slots for your country are full ". . or something like that.
thank you so much for the ups.
oh yeah the easy-share mirror are down


awesome stuff Oliver :P