School Zone [English, higher-res scan, 191 pictures), by Akiko Fuji & Michio Akiyama

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Hot teacher

One year ago, I shared a low-rez and badly scanned version of this manga, and today I share a higher-resolution version, better scanned, I hope you’ll like it :)

The style is “less hentai’ than most hentai mangas, with a tiny bit of an occidental touch, I feel.

The story deals with female teachers screwing students. There are dominating teachers, gangbang teachers, raped teachers, bondage teachers… There is vaginal, anal and double penetration sex.

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the backup gallery)

Here comes the zip link! Help yourselves! ^^
(54 MB, 191 pictures, English)

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My favorite teacher, in that manga, is the english teacher, who shows english porn movies to her japanese students to help them improve their english :D And next is the english-spoken gangbang. She explains that, to remember a language, you have to hear and practice it in circumstances that you like :lol:
Mind you, she’s right, that works !
I remember my first year of english classes, my teacher was impressed and worried by my english level… I could use countless words for weapons, body wounds, battle terms, destructions, explosions and war cries. It was with video games I had learned english before classes :twisted:

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