A LOT of uncensored stuff, how about it ? ;)

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 3 comments
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A very kind and devoted reader, James, sent me a huge list of english hentai mangas he had uncensored himself, and quite well !
And, with all the talent I was able to gather, I managed to ignore almost all his emails, not noticing they ended in my spam box ^^;;

So, well, I don’t have time right now to make complete pictures galleries, I give you the direct download links provided by James, and I’ll add galleries a few days later when I have more time.
If you ask why I make a post with those links at once, there is a really simple reply : I ignored those links so long they have lingered for too long without being downloaded, and in a few days they’ll be deleted automatically, unless they make downloads. See, I cant’ waste anymore time.

Here are the links, I hope you’ll enjoy them, James has uncensored lots of good things, thanks a LOT, man :D

UPDATE : with time, the links were too seldomly used and died, but don’t worry guys, these works were shared on Hentairules on various other occasions :)

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15 years ago

Taya Taya link is down, everything else works fine

Metal boy
Metal boy
13 years ago

ciao sono un ragazzo italiano questo sito è fantastico non riesco a trovarne di piu forniti, vorrei fare una richiesta se è possibile di inserire dei lavori della Jab Comix nella sezione. I piu sinceri complimenti continuate cosi

13 years ago

All but Cyber Rabbit are broken.