The results of your ratings are interesting :)

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First, thanks a lot for your votes to rate the posts, guys, I really feel it bringing more life to this place :)

Keep on voting for the posts, clicking on the stars to give your rating, don’t forget ! :D

So far, when you look at the results of the Highest Rated category, the results are very interesting.
On one side, the works with little hentai content but with a great artistic or humoristic side rise high above my almost 1500 shares, like for Hanafuda (work of art), Re-Take (scenario) or Yuria 100 Shiki vol. 3 (humour).
On the other side, we witness the total domination of two artists, Yamatogawa (4 posts in the top 10) and Gunma Kisaragi (3 posts in the top 10). I knew these two were popular, but to this extend, such a domination, I would have never thought :shock:
Lastly, confirming my intuitions, it seems that complete hentai mangas are much more preferred to short works.

I wonder how it will evolve in the future, wait and see ! Thanks for your votes, guys ! :razz:

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