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“There she is !” – At last, the serie is complete ! Yatta ! :-)

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There she is !

I wonder how many of you guys know, or don’t know, about the There She Is serie ? All I can tell is that it seems to be popular with every person with an internet connexion in my country…
And, great news, at last, the 5th part has been published, the There She Is serie is over ! ^_^

You can get it on Sambakza’s homepage (that’s the creator, lots of thanks to him !).
More precisely, once you load his homepage, click English, and click Amalloc.
Or you can also use this direct link.

I really don’t find a good way to describe this serie… The impossible love story between a bunny and a cat ? Look, that will look ridiculous if I write it like that. It does. Ew.
If you’re unsure, just watch the two first episodes, and you’ll see if you want to see the rest, personally, I stayed a fan until the end :D

The girl dies in the end, that’s a bit sad, but the last episode still ROCKS !

I also wonder how many people I will have pissed off to death with the false spoiler about the end of the last episode :twisted:

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You alteast made me rewatch the final step cuz i was like : HUH?? no she doesnt!