Kininaru Roommate chapter 3 [English], + chapters 1-2-3 together in another Zip file [English, 72 pictures], by Kahoru Yanagi

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 1 comment
nice english hentai manga with tasty teens

<– Boy, I LOVE that picture, I don’t regret the 2 long minutes it took to make it ^^;;

In this new 3rd chapter of Kininaru Kimochii, the scenario evolves well, moving faster towards the unavoidable stereotyped rivality between two hot teens for the usual good-for-nothing but good-hearted bum, but only one of the two girls has sex with that bum in this chapter. You’ll have to be a bit more patient for the other girl ;)

Graphically, it’s a pleasure, big pointed tits, lingerie, naughty facial expressions, comedy behaviours… I can’t wait to read the rest :D

As of usual I share 2 zips, one with the newest chapter, another with everything available so far.
(I share much more stuff by this artist, please view The list of Kahoru Yunagi’s -AKA Chimatsuriya Honpo’s – works on Hentairules)

Kininaru Roommate COMPLETE volume 1 is available HERE !

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15 years ago

Would their possibly be any more chapters to this? I really liked it :D