Tail Chaser volume 2, first two chapters of the manga [English], by Johji Manabe from Studio Katsudon

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on No comments
Quality english hentai manga with neko girls

Thanks to Saha, numbered #9 and #10, here are the two first chapters of the second volume of Tail Chaser, a lovely hentai manga by Johji Manabe with catwomen and real women :D

The scenario stagnates (still the same senseless sci-fi background so far), but the drawings have even improved : hardcore, close to or really zero censorship, an orgy between 3 women and 2 men :twisted:

Do you guys also have the impression the male hero looks and behaves like the hero of Seka X Seka ?

(I share lots of works by this artist, cf The updated list of Studio Katsudon’s shares)
(in case you wondered, Johji Manabe the main artist behind Studio Katsudon)

Tail Chaser COMPLETE volume 2 is available HERE !

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