WTF with a corrupted archive, can I have more testers/reports ?

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on No comments
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Hi guys,

I saw many reports that pictures 13 and 14 of the chapter #11 of Purimu No Nikki were corrupted. However, when I tested, downloading them with a browser that didn’t have my premium/gold cookie, the files I leeched were perfectly clean. That’s not the first time it happens, so I am completely lost, I don’t understand.

Could more people report me, please, if your zip downloaded from the Purimu No Nikki chapters 9-10-11 page was correct, or not ? And what the exact error message was, with what software ? If you tried another program to extract it ? (winrar 2.71 here) Or was it fine with you ?

(update : ) If it was OK for you, did you have a Gold/Premium account, from what host ?

(update : ) If you had a corrupted file previously, can you tell me if, this time, it works with the very same zip of mine uploaded to that direct download link ? (link removed, thanks for all who tested and reported their result, I’ve never seen such a bandwith leak before :shock: )

I’m trying to understand WTF is going on with hopes to avoid that in the future, thanks to you if you can help with a report of how it was on your side :)(update : ) that still doesn’t make sense so far, cf the comments o_O

Was your Purimu 9-10-11 zip file corrupted, or not ? Multiple replies allowed.
Not corrupted, I’ve been lucky :D
Corrupted (from easy-share)
Corrupted (from
Corrupted (from sharingmatrix)
Corrupted (from depositfiles)
Corrupted (on 2 hosts or more ! o_O) free polls

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