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By Oliver AKA The Admin on No comments
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I KNOW, lots of files have been deleted. That’s life. That’s only temporary :twisted:

Exactly when my motherboard appears to be dying on me, when my company is in financial trouble and I start looking greedily at the small income generated by Hentairules through the adverts, I’m hit by the massive hit-and-report files campain deletion. Great ¬_¬

Reuploading isn’t a bandwith and time problem (huhu), but editing around 1500 blog notes with the new zip links could take a while. If you you wish to help, that would take 1 or 2 hours of your time, please send me a message (by email). I’ll appreciate the help even if I miss time to express it cutely. I’ll explain you the details by mail reply, and I might offer some Gold memberships to those who helped a lot ;)

The depositfiles mirrors still work, hurry up to use them while they still last !

Update : at the present time, and thanks to the great help I received (thanks a LOT, guys !), we have reached a first step, the 200 latest posts of hentairules are going to be fixed. And it’s progressing.

Lastly : if you’re a hentai webmaster and you feel threatened, contact me too, I’ll provide you any detail you wish to know, being aware can help. Will help.

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