The reuploads are going well, 34% of the work is done

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on No comments
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As I wrote a few days ago, regrettably, was finally hit by the problem affecting many hentai blogs, to have its files massively deleted by the hosts because someone managed to pretend they were illegally shared with a convincing tone.

I may have a trick to reupload massive quantites of stuff in just a few minutes (huhu), updating the posts with new links still takes a LOT of time, there’s almost 1500 posts to edit :evil:
Thanks to the very kind active assistance of a dozen of visitors, I can make it much faster.  If I had more time (lots of real life things to do, and 1 blue screen of death per hour, or one freeze per hour when it’s with Mandriva, when I have more time I’ll have it fixed), I could have made it faster, I’m sorry i had to ignore many help offers for lack of time.

I wanted to inform you on the reuploads progression : today, the 50 latest pages of Hentairules (out of 149 !) have been updated with working zip links. For the 99 next pages, for the moment only the old depositfiles links work (and that’s only temporary, the DF links have also been reported, it’s just they take longer to be removed), that’s better than nothing. If you use adblock or the Opera browser, there’s a chance some oooooold DF links may falsely pretend not to be working, try another browser to pass the blocking points.

It’s just a matter of time until I get everything working again, my thanks to all the kind persons who are helping me with fixing the dead links !

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