The Nisemidi Doronokai BIG pack (14 zips, partly English) has been reuploaded

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 3 comments
in Categories: Great Artists, Just Talking

Nisemidi Doronokai rules ^_^

In case you guys are fans of Nisemidi Doronokai, here’s some news, I reuploaded my biggest Nisemidi pack, composed of 14 great works by this talented artist :twisted:
The pack first came as separate downloads, one zip per manga/doujin, 14 zips in total. I reuploaded it as a single zip file, containing all the works of the pack. That will be easier for you and will save me lots of time :P

The pack is available on THAT page :)

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15 years ago

It’s unrelated to this file, but i wanted to ask if you (Oliver) know the current non-hentai manga of Ryuta Amazume (a very good artist IMO, even with loli stuff) ; it deals with bondage and SM, but in a very cheerful way, i think it’s a must and if you read it, you will want to share it.
i think it’s called nana to kaoru

15 years ago

you sir are awesome!!!!
thanx 4 this Nisemidi Doronokai’s BIG pack

15 years ago

@ Mordeth
Agreed, It’s pretty damn good.
Psychological with a tiny bit of humor.

@ Oliver.
Sir. I encourage You to read it :]