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Redirection Page : Yuzuki N’ Dash’s (柚木N’) works on HentaiRules

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THIS is the page I will update with the list of all the works by Yuzuki N’ Dash that I share on HentaiRules.

First and foremost: Yuzuki N’ Dash is a female ero-mangaka. She also makes a non-h a manga called “Sweet Snap” (which is based off a PSP game called Photo Kano) and was featured in Chu Love.

Yuzuki N’ Dash may also be referred to as “Yuzuki N’ ” or “Yuzuki Natane”. She’s also in a circle with Ken Akamatsu (the creator of Love Hina and Negima) called LEVEL-X (may also be referred to as “Lv.X+”, “Lv.X闘” or “レベルエックスプラス”). Other alternate Japanese names include “ユズキエヌダッシュ”, “柚木なたね” and “柚木菜種”.

Yuzuki N’ Dash usually draws funny stories, mostly about incest. That’s normally happy sex, contorted thinking males and easily wet women. However, lately she’s taken a turn for the worst and consistently releases NTR.

Here are the covers of the works by Yuzuki N’ Dash that are shared on HentaiRules, and below them are the links to the gallery and download pages.

english anal hentai       00extreme-yandere-01  free hentai      english hentai  Wouldn't that also make him jump back and hurt his penis and likely her vagina as well?       


Yuzuki N’ Dash had a COMPLETE pack!… in 2013 :D

If you’d like to download everything at once, you can do so here~

But, obviously, this pack is now obsolete. Take it for what it’s worth, works published later won’t be included inside :)

If you’re looking for “Ane Ni Matabi“, it is now part of the Elder Sister Control tank.

If you’re looking for “Hand” or “Dream-Like Days“, they’re both now part of the Another World tank.

If you’re looking for “Little Sister Lip“, “Shiiba-san No Ura No Kao” or “The Little Sisters’s Butt Belongs To Her Older Brother“, they’re all now part of the Shiibasan No Ura No Kao tank.

If you’re loooking for “Joshi Ga Ie Ni Kita (“A Woman Has Come In The House”)”, “Iizuka-senpai X Blazer”, “Die In Seven Years“, “Chubby Sister (“Muchi Ane”)”, “Green Eyes” andNo Plan Play”, they’re all now part of the Ane Kyun tank.

Ane Kyun (“My Sweet Elder Sister”) [English, 226 pages]

A Perfect Sister Complex [English]

Note: This is chapter 4 of Akarui Eros Keikaku.

Ane Koi (“Sis Love”) [English, 251 pictures, Complete]

Another Another World [English] (Warning: NTR.)
Note: This is a side story to Another World, but you should probably still read that first.

Another World [English, 222 pictures, Complete]
Warning: Massive amounts of NTR.

Change [English]
(Warning: Cross-dressing)
Note: This is chapter 5 of Change!!

Doll [English]
(Warning: Gender Bender)
Note: These are chapters 1 and 2 of Change!!

Elder Sister Control [English, 234 pictures, Complete]

 00extreme-yandere-01 00extreme-yandere-24 00extreme-yandere-30
Flag Crash [English] (Mirai Nikki hentai doujinshi)

Ghost Member Parts 1-2 [English]

Note: These are chapters 6 and 7 of Shishunki no Arekore.

Gyutto!! Oneechan chapters 1-5 [English, 113 pictures]
Note: Some of the chapters were recycled from Mecha Ane.
I Will Give My All For The Colonel [English]
(Valkyria Chronicles hentai doujinshi)

Iizuka-senpai X Blazer [English]

Imouto Lip Mayu no Fuyuyasumi Hen [English]
Note: Not related to Little Sister Lip

Kyrie [English] (Fate/Zero hentai doujinshi)

Love, Hate, Really Love (“Suki, Kirai, Daisuki”) 1-4 [English]
Note: The first two chapters are part of Ane Koi, the second two are new oneshots.

free hentai
Mecha Ane [Japanese, 221 pictures]

Note: Currently has no links, sorry! D:
Note 2: Some of the chapters were recycled (and finally translated) in Gyutto!! Oneechan.

Mecha Love [English, 197 pictures, Complete]

My Loved Hero [English, Full Color]
Note: This is only 6 pages long and included in a pack of 10 other manga by various mangaka.

english hentai  english hentai  english hentai 
Non Fiction [English]

Note: This is chapter 7 of One Kore.

One Kore chapter 1 [English]

english anal hentai english anal hentai english anal hentai
Piledriver and Memories of My First Love [English]

Note: This is chapter 5 of Akarui Eros Keikaku.

Shiibasan No Ura No Kao [English, 223 pictures, COMPLETE]

Recently, one of Yuzuki N’s best mangas was made into an anime!

Wouldn't that also make him jump back and hurt his penis and likely her vagina as well?
Ane Koi Episodes 1-2 [Engsubs]

Cutie Devil [English]

Hitoduma Ane [English]

Zutto Suki Datta [English, 206 pictures]
Fair warning: for both netorare and vanilla lovers, this manga was an immense disappointment.

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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man i love Yuzuki N Dash.

btw Another World chapters 1-2 isn't in this list yet.


This guy has good art, he just needs more NTR.


I got them all, wow it’s a HDD bulger. I’ll put all my thanks into one post here, thanks. I like these kinds of posts. When I traverse the links I randomly surf through the site looking at all the suggestions, plus I get a history of the site. It’s like binary tree traversal hentai style.


This author is really good, hot draws and stories. Thanks for sharing, hope we will have new works form him :)


Mecha Ane cannot be download. Can you fix it please.