Three small things

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on No comments
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– I think the first beta-test phase is over, I’ve got ImagineOurFuture working with a few improvements, it’s a new project, an attempt of mine to contribute to the future, and  a testimony of what everyone may see about the future, fur oneself, for everyone, for the planet, in the short, medium or long term… Take a look if you’re curious, feel free to participate or to make suggestions :) I still have to write my own essay, it’s already done in my head, just gotta write it down.

– I suck in graphical creation, if you’re in the mood to cook up a decent banner (ideally, two formats, small 120×60 approx, and large 468×60) or improved graphics suggestion (as long as it doesn’t require the admin to be a PHP emperor on my side v_v) for ImagineOurFuture, you’re welcome too ^^

– No relation with my non-hentai project, but I think you may appreciate to know I reuploaded Wanna Do It [English, 189 pictures], by Distance, all its links were broken :-/

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