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Sailor Mama [English], by Daigo

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holy cow, this mom is ABNORMAL, lol :D Quotation from the female heroine after her son rejected her sexual relations offer : “just what is wrong with that boy ?” –> what the fuck, YOU are the TOTALLY wrong one ! :D

Does it also sometimes happen to you, guys ? Even though I know that doesn’t make sense, sometimes this is stronger than me, I talk to my screen, replying to one of the characters of the manga I’m currently reading… and that was the case with this manga ^^;;

Sailor Mama features an absolutely crazy mother, who doesn’t see the problem with trying all tricks to lure her son into having sex with her, who goes into the trouble of disguising herself into a sailor uniform, bringing her frigging whole BED into the school grounds :lol:

(I share much more works by this artist, Cf. The list of Daigo’s works)

UPDATE : this now belongs to the completely translated manga Grind [English, 194 pictures] :)
The download links will be on the Grind page ;)

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One word, MILF! Thanks, Oliver. :-)


awesome work! thanks for sharing!


The whole bed?! Sheesh, sounds like the title character of Milk Mama just got some competition.


I guess that is why it is called …HENTAI!!! She probably thinks she was born that way, like all the rest of the perverts. So, it is the only natural thing to do to get her son’s sexual attention. It is only natural. I guess the boy is just slow.

Ara, ara, what’s a mother to do?

But seems to have worked in the end.

Larry Kanonn
Larry Kanonn

Amazing!!! One of the best graphic histories (or doujins) about MILFs I’ve ever seen…jaja…

But, honestly, I prefer that MILF in her sexy swimsuit than in the sailor uniform…

If you can get more about MILFs you’ll make very happy a lot of people here…including me, jaja!!