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Glasses School [English, Complete, 228 pictures, Uncensored], by Teri Terio

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Meganekko fetish uncensored and translated free hentai, are you happy ? ;) With many thanks to Fayt, Setebos, Brolen, Zathael, Haohmaru and the Pastafari yet knows who else there might be, here is the complete English version of Glasses School, yay :D Scenario-wise, the manga is made of ten unrelated chapters, with uninteresting stories but with cute and positive characters having mostly happy sex.Graphically, this is entirely uncensored and rather well-drawn, even if, in terms of age, it’s sometimes too borderline for my taste.

For MORE, please Cf The list of ALL Teri Terio’s works on Hentairules !

  000glasses c01 01    000glasses c04 13   000glasses c05 19

Glasses School, Complete English Version

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(112 MB, 228 pictures, English)

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Hachi Rôku Sensei
Hachi Rôku Sensei

Uninteresting story? Who cares? No one is “reading” it anyway.


I agree with you Oliver, some parts of this doujin are a bit loli for my taste, but overall it’s a great work…thanks for sharing it.


i do read them …


The stories in this one are all over the board for me. Some are quite funny (“WHITE RABBIT ROAR!!!”), some are rather sweet (like Maid You-Ko), and some have a guy who is a *total jackass* (The guy from the first and second chapters). Overall, it is a good piece of work. But even though I helped to get this translated, I can honestly only give it 4 stars, and I still feel like I am being a bit generous.

But a big thank you to Fayt, Brolen, Setebos and Haohmaru for this. Haohmaru deserves a special mention because while Setebos and I donated towards a chapter or so each, Haohmaru funded *the rest of the book* by themselves, somewhere around 8 chapters or so.

Thanks to you Oliver as well for sharing this one.


For the last mother fucking god damn time. Lines do not have ages.

Look at me I am so high and mighty, I have to show what a moral crusader I am by having double standards against fiction by pointing out I am clearly not a pedophile because I oppose lolicon, and I have to make it known or everyone will think I am.

No amount of lolicon, rape, or violence in fiction is going to turn you into some thug that commits crime. If you can’t tell the difference between fantasy and reality, the problem is you, not the media.

I have no problem with someone being uncomfortable or offended. They have the choice not too look, but as soon as someone else says you can’t look at something because it’s bad, then you took away their rights, when they took away none of yours.

So please, get off your high horse, report the facts, and not opinions. Use a tagging system, and please stop singling out an element of fantasy you don’t like as if you are the ruler of time and space.

I’ll fap to anything, because it’s not real, that’s why it’s so great. No one is getting hurt. I can tell fantasy from reality. A little girl made up of lines getting fucked isn’t real, and is not a representation of reality. Virtual child porn doesn’t make pedophiles anymore than fictional murders make people into serial killers. Fuck people and countries that can’t understand that.


Hi, Oliver AKA The Admin. I’ve been a lurker for… well at least a couple of years now on this blog. I am and have been gratefull for the work you have done in giving back to the manga/anime community. But I must say two quick things in response to your reply to James

He put forth an opinon, as did you. And while you could argue that, especially on the internet, all opinions are equally valid – or invalid, I would like to point out that appeals to authority, that is “my blog, my rules” does not make you right. At least not on the stage of ideas. Neither do insults.

Complaining about your obvious, and they are obvious, biases against what is a mainstream fetish is a valid criticism even if you don’t like the tone. It is not a waste of time. In fact I believe discussions of this sort are necessary to raise conciseness and awareness of problems that any of us may face in the future. (–8753.phtml)

Seven Deadly Sins
Seven Deadly Sins

Actually I’d say that it’s an absolute defense against whatever the fuck criticism anyone wants to say. At the end of the day, HE decides what HE hosts on HIS blog, and you either enjoy, download, and have a ball, or you shut the fuck up and leave. This is not a “democracy”. This is not a place where free speech exists. This is purely under Oliver’s jurisdiction. He doesn’t have to be right. And you don’t have to be here.


If you are better going to serve your fans, you should stop condescending them.

Yes, it is your blog, but yet here you are sharing things with people. If you don’t want to get involved with other people, then keep your collection to yourself.

You are egotistical and self centered, after all.


@seven deadly sins

That’s why I said “at least not in the stage of ideas”. That means in a public forum in front of an UNbaised party, which you obviously are not, he can not claim the moral high ground. Functionally yes, he and others in positions of power are free to do as they wish, I understand that. You are not the first one to preach “might makes right”. I just don’t happen to believe in that. I foolishly pretend that other people care about justice as well.

On a tangential note I find the most hilarious part of your post references to jurisdiction, censorship(people leaving/shutting up) and aversion to “democracy” when this is a uncensored public forum. You don’t get more democratic than this. I thought the whole point of these sharing sites was to give back to and reinforce the anime/manga community. Community is not a one way street, especially not on the internet. If you disagree I suggest going to China. They seem to have the same idea there.


It is only my opinon, but I have yet to see any displays of condescension or egoism. On the contrary, maintaining and running a popular site requires a fair amount of selflessness. Also as SDS pointed out there is no obligation or either side here, for us to keep quiet or for the mods to “serve their fans” as you put it.

If there is evidence of anything it is merely garden variety intolerance and irrationality combined with indignation. But then we probably had a hand in that.



What’s more cynical than thinking a human being is so shallow, that they are only one piece of fiction away from committing an actual crime?

That’s what that feminist group believed; his so called “Taliban,” and they are working hard to ban all hentai now that they have their foot in the door. It’s hypocritical.

I have nothing against the webmaster. I am simply trying to talk some sense into him. I am not here to cause trouble or to condone real illegal activity.

@Oliver, I ask that you please refrain from pointing out something is disgusting, sick, or implying that anyone that views such is a criminal, will be a criminal, or is less of a person because of their choices in harmless entertainment. Morality is relevant.

I am okay with you posting things such as this comic contains scat, guro, lolicon, etc. but please try to keep the personal comments out. Instead help your viewers make better informed decisions by instead pointing out facts.

I understand you don’t like lolicon, and that is perfectly acceptable. You do not have to post it, or view it. However I constantly find your posts about it condescending, where as you are respectful about the subject of futanari, and even post it despite it not being to your tastes.

I also understand I have been angry, and I apologize, but I am very libertarian, and only a person themselves can decide what is right for them, and no one else.


awesome stuff Oliver :P

thanks again ^^