Three reuploads of the day worth noticing

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 2 comments
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Hi there. In case you missed the info, several links died on Hentairules a dozen days ago, and I’m busy reuploading them, with the wonderful help of some other nice members (I’ll have to ask you guys if it’s OK to name you in public ?). I must have reuploaded 9 or 10 things today, but among these, 3 of them were really great, and really worth the discovery… that is, if you don’t know about them already ;)

These works are Kassen [English, 241 pictures] and Incest [English, 254 pictures], by Kopikura (also known as Kino Hitoshi), the other Wet And Sloppy king, almost as good as Yoshu Ohepe, and Hot Tails [English, 351 pictures] by Yui Toshiki, one of the most amazing old-school hentai mangas, very funny, very artistic and showing a wild hentai imagination.

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14 years ago

thank you so much, been looking forward to these being re-up much thanx ^_^

14 years ago

Looking forward to these doujin,thanks! :D