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CG Collection Volume 1 [English, 146 pictures – not CG at all o_O], by TSK

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old school hentai is old

Let’s be frank : I’m not sure why I’m sharing this, look, the drawing quality is average and so old-school, there is no real scenario, no love and not always happy sex….

And yet, I can’t deny the artist, TSK, doesn’t have an interesting style – not my cup of tea, but it’s interesting.

Basically, CG Collection (it doesn’t contain Computer Graphics, so WHY THE NAME ??) is about various anime characters having sex. Groupsex, duos, one futa chapter, and you’re done. See and decide for yourselves ! ;)

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the backup gallery)

Here comes the zip link! Help yourselves! ^^
(51 MB, 136 pictures, English)

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Zip Mirror #1 – or – Zip Mirror #2

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Okay number one the art is grate but most of the people didn’t look like there true self they looked more like 5 yrs. younger then they are in the real games story line is good and the eyes of morgan did not look like the eyes of a true mistress telling her slaves what to do they where too kind…. By Animeman514


Always good to see some Darkstalkers hentai here.


Well… The first image from folder downloaded it from said GG Collection, so maybe the images were created by an artist who abbreviates their name as “GG”?


Many thanx Oliver.


Well, in my opinion, this is very good. Considering the way Fuuga Utsura portrays Morrigan and all the other girls from different games/ anime/ manga.


Wow, a good 80-90% of this doujin is Darkstalkers, and yet it is never once mentioned in the description.

Maybe the reason I never find any Darkstalkers doujins on this site is because they never get tagged as such. In much the same way, “Very Delightful Beast Girls” by Studio Katsudon had a Darkstalkers scenario that wasn’t mentioned in its description.

I know Darkstalkers isn’t mainstream popular, but in the hentai community, it’s bigger than Street Fighter.


Maybe 'GG' stands for Game Girls?


I think CG means Cute Girls…