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Nyuutou [English, 209 pictures], by Moriya Makoto

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happy go doggy !

Thanks to Setebos, Marte, Satori and Desu², here’s something unusual :)

Nyuutou seems to be based on incest and student-teacher sex.
There are really basic scenarii (that’s my polite way of saying : boring – “you’re so hot, cmon let’s sex, hoo you’re so big“, etcetera…).
The drawings are very interesting. On the good hand, the faces are extremely well-made and really reflect lust (before) and pleasure (while at it). On the other hand, there’s something weird with tbe way the bodies are drawn, even if I don’t manage to describe it… A good approach would be to compare it with Rubens, as Setebos did previously, I would add that girls have the hips/back flexibility you’d expect from black women, not asian MILFS o_O
Sometimes, it wasted a bit my reading pleasure, I hope you won’t mind it on your side !
The weirdness of the drawings gave me some inspiration for lame bonuses, check out the bottom of the post :twisted:

By the same artist, I also share Hiroshi’s Misfortune [English].

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the backup gallery)

Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(79 MB, 209 pictures, English)

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Now, 3 really lame bonus pictures, but I had fun while doing them and, unfortunately for you, that’s enough for me to feel it’s worth sharing :D

eat that !

four balls, yep baby

Wut ? WTF ??

And now time for a final bonus, guess what ?

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Thank you, Oliver. <3
For both share and the key. ;)


Thank you for posting this classic work, Oliver. I’ve desired to see this fully translated for a long time and I’m very happy. :D


Thanks a lot for sharing this one, Oliver. Nice artwork, and you can’t go wrong with stories about MILFs.


aw, no uploading link?

That’s the only way I could enjoy your works here.;p


I let all to you, this is some incest are cool! because “Categories” not display “incest” is missing thank you.


i can find points menu, where is it?
Can u be more specific?


back/hip flexibility has nothing to do with a persons color…but of course you know that.

They do look good.

Bonus pictures are really funny.


Four balls O__O

Thanks again for the share as always Oliver-san!