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Kayumidome 3 Houme Kanzenban [English], by Magono-Tei

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fuck that impregnation theme

I’ll be straight : the graphics are great (cute hentai schoolgirl in gangbangs, yummy) but the scenario is just fucked up. This manga is about a girl enjoying being gangbanged, imagining she is hentai raped (and loving it), and thoroughly enjoying that she’s at the hands of guys trying their best to make her pregnant -_-
Several years of hentai practice made me capable of enjoying graphics while tuning out the scenario and dialogues (well, starting loving hentai at a time no english translations were available must have helped !), but will you, it’s up to you to decide :)

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And now, the /discuss minute ;)

I sometimes wonder if the “impregnation” theme in hentai mangas is making only me annoyed, when it is used like here ?

A personal background info related to this… I’ve had the best sex in my whole life when, with my wife, we were conciously planning to become parents. This is more than the pleasure from the body, more than the pleasure from mutual love, when you do it with a future in mind. On the opposite, this kind of manga mixing gangbangs, hentai rape and a fucked-up-in-the-mind girl, and the conception of children, really sounds…. well, fucked up, that’s the best word I can come up with.  In my mind, this looked like an insult to the beauty, the pleasure and accomplishment feeling that ought to come with the conception of babies.

I still share the manga, I suppose I’m a strict minority with this point of view, and well, the graphics were great, no matter the scenario.

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Bleh, ill pass on this one. Nest


I don't find pregnancy interesting either, but it's a fetish I can respect. One thing that really annoys me is that whole talk "I'm gonna get you pregnant"/"I want to have you baby" right at the climax. That really brings someone down


It has always been my point of view that teasing your partner into doing something a little out of their comfort zone can be extremely gratifying sexually; it's probably why I usually like comics where someone is being… probably not the best word, but a little humiliated. The word "little" is the key tho; when I say humiliated I mean doing things like making sex in public (but not publicly), not being used as a slave against their will.

But when things get this hardcore, like forcing the girl to be impregnated, or raped, or any other really traumatized experiences, yeah I agree with you Oliver, it's just fucked up.

My favorite comics are all the ones with situations that are either completely fantastic (stuff like Hot Tails/Misty Girl) or with consensual, more "feet on the ground" stories (like Giri Giri Sisters, or Maka Maka). Stories like forced sex, or those "OMG I just walked 10 feet, let's have sex" with more orgasms than pages don't last for long on my hard drive.


well at least it isn't ntr, which in my book means its ok lol

also for what its worth im pretty sure its a clannad doujin


yeah its a clannad doujin


It has depressing feeling all over it, this piece you are sharing here Oliver. Thing infuriating me the most are those bullies… Also drawings are way below "Black Lagoon" doujinshi (and those You can't call SC).
Not to mention the fact sad girl's face makes me feel bad, there is no way to feel aroused:(
But THX a lot for other shares, don't stop posting!


Um… I think you got the description a LEEEEETLE wrong, no offense.

She isn't imagining that she's being raped, she really IS getting raped. The Basketball Team blackmails her with pictures from the first time they rape her.

Saying that she's "thoroughly enjoying" that the guys are tying to get her pregnant is a bit of an overstatement, too. She hates the rape, but enjoys the pleasure: hence, conflict.

Thus saith Nex!


I totally agree with you Oliver. Several years of seeing Hentai can modify one's mindset to ignore a shitty scenario and just enjoy the fappable art. But then you get to truly appreciate those diamonds in the rough that actually relate a stroy, be it a grim or happy one. And yeah, I also remember the days when scanlated hentai were scarce, I even had to settle for the super taboo series in Japanese. XD

About the impregnation thing… I never really understood these mangaka's obsession with creampies. But I think that these mangakas were told by their editors/circles that 'this or that' works well with the customers – so there must be a fanbase of these sick japs actually buying these things.

If you're in the minority then count me in too. Though I'm not at the point of having kids yet, but I truly believe that sex with your wife(in my case gf) when both your feelings resonate towards each other can easilly outweigh any of these sick fantasies these assholes come up with.

And it's Kyou! Why Kyou!?!!?

Anyway thanks for the upload, I'd prolly be glancing over this until it gets liquidated on my next weekly cleanup. Still, keep up the good work! brofist.jpg


Fujibayashi, Kyou,

shes a tsundere and worth being with the rest of your life, ~I loved the another world story featuring her…

Kyou is from an anime called clanned, that was based on an 'makes you think' galge, that had other girls within it… the anime is pretty upsetting and dramatic, but romantic and lovely at the same time… its not a typical galge port…. because of the brilliant 'feelings'

The more you know~


certainly impregnation + hentai = pretty fucked up thing :S Although graphics are really great


Gargh, that one is harsh. I've never been really fond of gang-bang rape scenarii, even more when the main character is one I really appreciate (I've played and seen Clannad, loved it).

So I pretty much agree with you, Oliver: these are great drawings, some just mind blowing… But the rapists and all the well-known vicious circle nearly kills the fun… Sometimes, untranslated is best >_<


I agree with:
hellbert; yeah the escenario was depressing
Nex; yeah the desciption was wrong (no offence, but if i knew what kind of escenario was, i would not bother cheking too much either)

this kind of manga sais how twisted the readers can be, in our case we get it for free and dont mind reading it, regret to have done it and dessagree with it in the end, but just think how many guys actually pay to read this kind of things and enjoy it,
they who pay for it “are or whant to be as sick as the manga is”

by the way that ending has a creepy touch (get pregnant of someone, have sex whith the guy you love and blame him for it so he takes responsability for it and you keep being decent)
reminds me why i waste my money on condoms


I <3 preggo themes


As much as a preggo fan I am, I only find it satisfying if it's an intimate, consensual affair. If two people love each other enough to wanna have a baby, I LOVE it. But this? Naw. I'm with you one this, Oliver.


hentai never give dispointment to readers…
still…it's the number start with 3 or there are 1&2

that guy
that guy



like many extreme sports, it's the excitement of the risk of being screwed.