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Miss Dentist [English], by Mitsuya

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I guess dentists will be more popular now

Personally, I have a panic reflex as soon as I get close to a dentist (when I was 9 to 11 y.o., I was let in the hands of nazi-like sadists who believed I was faking and didn’t need anesthesia, and recent experiences didn’t help), so, strangely, this brand new translated Mitsuya work left me flaccid.

But I reckon it has all the ingredients to make YOUR day :lol:

By Mitsuya, I also share Moe Nyuu [English, 214 pictures, no dentists mentioned at all] and Love Assistant [English, no mention either]. My thanks go to Dark Knight again :)

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Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(15 MB, 26 pictures, English)

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Off topic: Since you french like the works of Leiji Matsumoto of Star Blazers/Space Battleship Yamamoto fame, here is something for y'all.


So get those links fixed soon, ya hear ? XD


LOL, i always whent to the same dentist and it didn't hurt but last moth i whent to a new one a people said they are all alike and i doesn't hurt, MY ASS the bastard driled my fuckin theet and then after hurting me he gave me 2 nesthesia the FUCKIN BASTARD


So, Admin… When are ya gonna put up the links man ?

The links on your MegaUpload Op2 and this post are not up, yet… You sleepin back there ? XD


I have recently gotten my teeth healed, and two things I am gonna do again 1. go twice a year to the dentist and 2. sedation dentistry.


yeah you should stay was you are, too meany people use Megaupoad before Depositfile or hotfile


Ahh, yes. More goodies from Mitsuya.

Thanks as always =)


Sex is a good way to make the pain of a dentist trip go away… wouldn’t ever think of railing my dentist though. She and my UPS lady are probably two of the scariest women I know.


Mitsuya is fucking awesome! he is now in my top 10 magakas :P


[email protected]
this undergo/wire link is mere a radiostation
there is nothing to ( find to ) dl – just crap
like a radiostation as i mentioned


I must apreciate the story here bec. its good intrestingly written and very well drawn
– although its censored in a reasonable way, mmmgh. menno!
Both get off and are happy in some way – also after – whatever
well… not much pain here as expected… Poor.ooch
just a nice ordinary, someway ecchi hentai, (I'm) thinking 4 more relationship,
I'd say today, but that is welcome :)
greetzs bB


probably someone of u found out that on page 16 there is a mistake..
on the last picture of site 16 they are fucking instead of the scene where she is giving him a boob job