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Love And Hate chapters 1-3 [English, 69 pictures], by Ryu Shinonome

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yummy !

I have a contrasted opinion on Love And Hate… The drawings are great (even if real human girls would die with such a hips-waist ratio), meganekko girls are always welcome, it is still technically happy sex… But the male hero is such a JERK, couldn’t he sometimes listen to his partner’s wishes ?!?
Oh well, I’ll let you make yourself your own opinion :roll:

By Ryu Shinonome, I also share Love Splinters. My thanks to Fayt :)
Oh, and if you don’t mind an homonimy, by Taro Shinonome, there is always the excellent Swing Out Sisters, it’s 182 pictures long, it’s uncensored and it kicks ass !

This is now finished! Get the full manga!

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nice :D thx


a quick heads up the story does a complete 180 in the 2nd vol. Ollie you should give it up now and save yourself the grief, this is not your kinda story.


like he said ^ , but despite all that they manage to pull off an honest-to-goodness happy ending(unless you count the alt ending)