Uncensored version of the chapters 1-2 of St Penalty Academy [English], by Royal Koyanagi, + a new repack of the COMPLETE St Penalty Gakuen Academy manga, including the two uncensored chapters

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 2 comments

uncensored hentai is the best ^_^

Four months ago Accelerant Blue (you may visit his blog, BTW) shared with us the decensored chapter 1 of St Penalty Academy, and now, he just finished the second chapter :twisted: Thanks a LOT, man ! A great manga, once uncensored, is even greater :D

By Royal Koyanagi, I also share other (less interesting) works : Nozomu Triangle, Pink Chime After 5, and Ryoko-San’s Problem Formation

This is now entirely uncensored! Get it on that page!

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Many thanx Oliver and Accelerant Blue.


Any uncensored manga is always appreciated – thanks Accelerant Blue and Oliver ! :D