Maid Club [English, 169 pictures, Complete], by O.RI

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 6 comments
You love maids ? Good day for you :3

With a lot of thanks to Yoroshii, here is the COMPLETE Maid Club manga, a 100% maids volume :) The scenario is paper-thin, if you enjoy the drawings, go for it ! ;)

A precision maybe, I had shared previously an incomplete version of Maid Club (the chapters 1-3, I think), but to my great happiness, Yoroshii’s version seems to be a different scan, and it’s of higher quality :3
For MORE, Cf. The list of O.RI’s works on hentairules :)

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the backup gallery)

Here comes the zip link! Help yourselves! ^^
(24 MB, 169 pictures, English)

Or you can also use the Alternative :
Zip Mirror #1 – or – Zip Mirror #2

I save the useless chat for the bottom of the post, this time ;)

If O.RI isn’t familiar to you, please give that artist a chance. The drawings are halfway between censored and uncensored, with a talent for drawing shapes but not internal details, for avoiding to have to draw too much and then impose censorship bars… This is puzzling, but not unpleasant. However, Maid Club is the least well drawn of O.RI’s works.

Now, another problem. The maids. Sometimes they rock and give the reader a titanium-plated boner, sometimes they seem to miss their target – I’m afraid that’s the problem with Maid Club.

This is what annoys me with maids. Why would women deliberately decide to be slaves in mind, wagging their tails at their Master like a domestic dog looking with adoration at his master ? I mean, maids are hot by principle, but when they overdo it, I kinda lose my willing suspension of disbelief (a splendid expression reminded to me by Andate, a Hentairules visitor).

I’d love the idea of fucking a maid, that is to say a hot young woman with hot clothes and knowing she’s got to go by my whims but she likes it and that’s why she accepts to work as a maid… But when the maid is more than brainwashed, when her mind is closer to that of a dog with a wagging tail than to a normal adult woman, what is this, ridiculously biased, or bestiality ?
I was struck by a dialogue in Dr House, in which a patient with a hyper-high IQ comments on having sex with a girl whose IQ is very low, this idiot comments that her IQ is closer to that of a monkey than to his own, and he felt like it was bestiality.

I give this Dr House example to say that I know I’m overreacting, I know… But still, maids with the mind of a dog wagging his tail, that is going too far in my tastes :-/

Hey, now that I think of it, this is also why I feel ill at ease with the Cheers volumes, by Charlie Nikishima ! :shock: You’ve got energetic characters, with talents ready to bloom, and they waste it on empty activities bearing no fruit at all, running around in circles, in vain, doing nothing useless for them or for the community, nothing lasting at all.

Damn, once again, I started writing a novel. Oh well, if you read it, it’s your fault anyway :D

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13 years ago

thx for the points

13 years ago

Well worth reading the whole post AND I get a depositfiles account! Thank you very much :)

13 years ago

I know it may not be his best work, but it still has *maids*, so I'm still going to like it, even if the maids act like brainwashed puppies. Many thanks Yoroshii and Oliver.

13 years ago

Why is the free Gold Account link at the ver bottom of the page? Is it kind of like a hidden reward for those who look at the entire page, and are then curious or adventurous enough to click the link?

13 years ago
Reply to  gosseyn


13 years ago

Oliver said "I give this Dr House example to say that I know I’m overreacting, I know… But still, maids with the mind of a dog wagging his tail, that is going too far in my tastes :-/"

Nah man, u are not overreacting. U got the point in ur post. What i will say is – man needs woman, male needs female, as they are BOTH animals rather than human being. Just the looks is not enough to be called human being, a man or woman.