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Honey Breasts [English], by Kagura Yutakamaru

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Sticky sticky

I was reminded a few hours ago of this terribly old work (can you imagine it, it must have been released in 2009, ew), and since it is fairly good dope, there you are, in case you didn’t have it yet :)

Honey Breasts is a typical wincest story, with a highly unusual fetish : honey as a lubricant. Err, shouldn’t it make everything so sticky it would be a hell ? Not even mentioning the dirtied clothes ? o_O I’m too down to earth.

By the same artist, I share better works, the short Gokai Houmon and the uncensored, 191 pages long, Relish :)

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the backup gallery)

Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^

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I found something funny in this work, a discrepancy.

Let’s make it a game : can you find the abnormal element in this dialogue ?

– Let’s do it before Mom comes home. Let’s hurry, come on !
– Look, Sis, I don’t really want this…
– Huuuuh ? Why is that ?
– Yeah, well… To do this kind of thing with a woman is kinda… embarrassing…


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Last part of the dialogue "Yeah, well… To do this kind of thing with a woman is kinda… embarrassing…"


yeah i have to agree with you there, i mean if he is going to do it with his sister, then why even bother at all you know? i was like you got to be kidding right? it's embarrassing? lol


Hmm. Maybe when it is at room temperature, or body temperature, honey is less sticky and more liquidy? Dunno. But it still is an awesome share. Thanks Oliver.


Such a lovely relationship between brother and sister. I actually have tears off happiness when i see it. Many thanx Oliver for this educational story.


First, thanks again.
I think that the last part "Yeah, well… To do this kind of thing with a woman is kinda… embarrassing…". With a woman is embarrassing? It will be less embarrassing with anything other than a woman?
It's, definitely, a little funny.