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Menkui chapter 8, + chapters 1-8 in another Zip file [English, 140 pictures], by Tosh

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I like a lot this picture, it is SO open to interpretation, calling to the imagination rather than just to the balls... (Reload the picture if it doesn't show !)

<– I like a LOT this picture, it’s calling to the imagination rather than to the balls, and – at least in my case – it ends up being much more arousing than another random hardcore picture :D
(Mind you, it’s not new, I prefer a well-draw face to a zillionth well-drawn doggy, it’s rarer and I guess it requires more talent !)

UPDATE : I removed the links, I’m now sharing Menkui, the COMPLETE manga from which this story was taken :)
You will find Menkui ON THAT PAGE… Hurry up, it’s pure gold !

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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There was a thread on Hongfire that I missed a lot, it had only English translated material, and he updated it by the dozens. I believe he and you got content off of each other because I would usually see content that you had both released. Now only this website remains, and a few others namely SaHa, White Butterfly, Hongfire. I usually like to browse other websites because they usually have content that you don't offer.
I'm about as open to hentai categories as I am to music, Loli, Beast, you name it.(Except Country, its like goro to me O_O) Anyways, I love all the new content you have, and I really won't mind if you expand your entire genre of hentai, as IM SURE, it'll bring a load of new people. I'll most likely be one of those people who download everything. Im almost to my 150 Gig of hentai, I might have to organize soon >_<
Have you ever told your loved one that you like hentai? I sware, i'm never going to tell her.


A big Thank You to YQII for this chapter, and thanks Oliver for sharing it here.


That picture you posted with the girl. Pure art. You were right, it roused my heart much more than my balls. Thank you Oliver, wish I could send you money, but transfer over the net is not possible in my country.


Red comet is back up. Kinda. They are now here


Awesome! I was hoping they would go that route and move to FAKKU!s server. A big thank you to Jacob for hosting them.

Sadly, I discovered yesterday that another hentai blogspot site has gone down. U MAD (Meiling and DamageDesu Scanlations) has disappeared with no warning. I am guessing that eventually *all* the hentai blogs that are still on blogspot will have to find a new place.


menkui is really wonderful !! I had the japaness version of it and still am waiting for complete english version.
And I also have a request. the'Kazoku Kairaku' of Hatch is the one i always dream of. Some one pls translate it 4 me? thanks alot


V.A., I understand you are very interested in seeing Hatch's Kazoku Kairaku translated. But please, don't keep begging in the forums here. You should put some effort into finding a translator yourself.

*sigh* Look, I will check out the raws and see if it is something that interests me. If so, I may help you try and get it started as a donor project somewhere, or help you find a free translator who may be willing to do it. But I can't promise anything until after I have looked at it.

EDIT: Ok, I looked at it, and it is not something I am interested in. Due to the loli content, I would say your best bets would be SaHa, DesuDesu, or maybe biribiri, who all do donor projects. You will have to pay for a chapter or so yourself if you want to get it started.

Now that I know it has loli in it, I would say you should definitely stop talking about it here. Oliver and a lot of the readers here have little or no tolerance for loli. If you want to keep begging for a translation, please do it somewhere else.


Haven't had the time to read it yet, but it lookes promising. Thanks, Oliver and YQII.

Nice to hear about RedComet btw. :D


Thanks YQII and Oliver. I have to agree that a beautiful face is definitely worth a lot.


Thanks, I’m the opposite, I like bodies over faces, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate a well drawn face from time to time, thanks.