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Slave Girls 1-2 [English], by Itoyoko

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Objectable contents, excellent drawings, that's the Itokoko Dilemma. (Reload the picture if it doesn't show !)

That’s the problem with half of Itoyoko’s works : the art is always excellent, juicy pussies, ecstatic faces, beautiful women… but fucked up domination scenarii ¬_¬

Just like now, it’s a “disagreeing slave training” theme. Fuck, why can’t Itoko only draw Utopian-like stuff ? T_T
Oh well, still, i’m sharing it, I must reckon the quality is good, so, thanks to Torwyn from LWB :)

Slave Girls COMLETE volume is available HERE !

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Thanks Oliver!


I agree, the art is absolutely fantastic in this one. Hell, that first preview pic, of the woman with the chains circling around her but not (yet) constricting around her is great all on its own. The scenario however is kinda "meh". I am not totally against "hentai rape" manga, but really? She used to be a pornstar, and now one of her students is using that to blackmail her? That's all the artist could come up with for a plot?

I'll keep this one for now, mainly because of the art, but also because I am curious to see if the plot gets any better. Thanks to LWB for the translation, and thanks Oliver for sharing it here: I am sure there are some people who are absolutely going to love this one. *sigh*


Yeah I have to agree with you Zathael. A major let-down. I was really hoping it would be like Erobato Fuka and not Brutal Master.
Here is to hoping the story doesn't turn out to be a cookie-cutter slave training/mind break garbage that is allready littered across the hentai world…but with a title like "Slave Girls" doesn't really brighten prospects now does it?


Sucks about the scenarios. Thanks Torwyn and Oliver.


my favorite kind of scenario, why havent i heard about Itoyoko before :S