The Worrywart Boyfriend [English], by Norutaru

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 7 comments
Tags: comedy
A GF into anal is a good GF. Please, don't read that line if you're a woman, lol ^_^

By an artist I like a LOT (cf. my previous hilarious and hardcore pack of 4 works by Norutaru), here is a new story centered around anal sex, with delicious pieces of humour :)

To be frank, I find this one a bit less awesome than my previous shares, but still, it’s damn good dope ! :D Thank you VERY much, Wrathkal and Afro Thunda, from LWB, you guys bring awesome contents to the community ! :)

This time, as we say in my country, the devil is hiding in the little details : the whole plot in itself isn’t humorous, the fun lies in the little details you’ll notice if you look around, like the priceless face of a waitress stumbling upon an anal conversation, or a “one week later” illustration :3

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the backup gallery)

Here comes the zip link! Help yourselves! ^^
(8 MB, 22 pictures, English)

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13 years ago

I love Noru's works definitely a gem , this is how hentai should be!!! thanks for the share :D

13 years ago

Many thanks to the guys from LWB and Team Vanilla. Anal sex as a pregnancy prevention tool = win. Actually, any reason to have anal sex is a good one. :D

I couldn't help but be reminded of the "Technical Virgin" website and videos from a few years back as well. I think you can still find the video on You Tube.

Thanks for sharing this one Oliver.

13 years ago

I've heard of condom and pill, but water? Nope.

13 years ago

Being a fan of both hentai rules and of doujintokoshan (which is a high quality online reader, and if you use firefox, internet explorer,google chrome you can get an ad blocker that would remove all ads for you automatically.)…

Being a fan of Love stories, not rape, just to clarify.

I'd like to give out a link to a little love story, which I'm pretty certain won't be ever be downloadable on hentai rulez…

which is has rape which turns to love…

can't guess why it wont ever have a page on HR?

its loli…. of course it wont get a page on HR >.>… but it is hardcore, (mildly so) With its ANAL… it does have impregnation desires…. three chapters are on doujintokoshan…

anyway, its a cute girl vampire S falling for a hero of the faith M, but not until after he dominated her in turn for her turning him on… so its rape I guess? but since she wanted it, and gave head willingly beforehand, and with the overall happy-love-love ending, I'd say its a love story worth reading, especially if you like little girls… ch2 has an even littler toddler girl in it, whom also receives anal, whom happens to be the heroine's MOTHER!

13 years ago
Reply to  @LonerGoth

ah, but to further clarify, I Love hentai rules, I'm just used to reading naruto, half prince, love hina, and hundreds of other series' without downloading them… I've used high quality online manga readers instead, and mangatoshokan, is one of the best, (one of the best which I found, out of loads and loads I couldn't be assed to go through)… AND mangatoshokan has recently launched Doujintokoshan… I'm not saying, lets go there from now on, I'm saying, it exists, use it along with hentairules, downloading hentai rules' re-posted-releases, WHILE reading HIGH quality manga at the same time, getting you through the downloading wait/download time!

hehehe thats a clarification, but please reply to me if you need further clarification… I'm not an advertiser… I hate ads… I love the extention to firefox ad block plus!

Gaz 69
Gaz 69
13 years ago

hahahahahaha, this doujin make laught like no other in some time, the guy was a frustrated cleaner (i has a friend just like him)….hahahahaha, thanx again oliver.