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Hight? × Hight [English, 198 pictures, Complete], by Kamino Ryu-Ya

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A fully completed tank taking us by surprise, yay ^_^ (If the picture doesn't show, reload the page !)

And here is my last share of the evening, a pleasant completely translated h-manga, made of happy sex and, occasionally, of touching love :)

The sex is entirely consensual and a bit lacking originality (vaginal missionary, cowgirl and doggystyle, right… and what else ?), the chapters are a bit unequal (from sublime to average), but overall, I still strongly recommend this manga to you :)
My BIG thanks go to Rande Knight, thanks man ! :)

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Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(56 MB, 198 pictures, English)

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It’s just my opinion of course, but the last chapter was awesome, in my eyes. The idea to have two female spectators, feeling the magnetic attraction, this idea of intense sex in a small enclosed area… Rha !

I tag this manga as “Incest”, but that only concerns one chapter, in case the theme freaks you out.

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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Thanks for the complete High X Hight!!!
& Two offtopic:
1. H9eleven moved to a Ryuu´s host!!!:
2. Also Yoroshii released Jingrock´s complete Bloomers Mama Shinsouban, and H9-11 already decensored!!!


Thanks o/

yea offtopic: for some stupid reason i cant see nothing(links, sections, etc) when i enter directly, im the only one???


Many thanks Rande Knight and Oliver, yet another full tank to add to my collection.

EDIT: One thing I just noticed though, the correct title is "Hight X Hight". You left off the t at the end of the first Hight. Well, actually, it is supposed to be "Hight? X Hight", but you can't have a ? in a filename.

ONE MORE EDIT: I just read this, and I must admit that I really liked the fact that a lot of the stories were told from the *woman's* point of view. I know other stories have done it from time to time, but for some reason I *really* liked these.


I only hate the high school girl story…the rest is good….


Hey oliver and hey guys ;) i have a question that has nothing to do with this post but plzzz answer it :) :
Ive read a "story" on this site where a boy and a girl should study together but they are bad at study because they dont learn they fuck all the time and later they have fears that they couldnt get a good ending of all there study so he learns and meanwhile she does goood things to him with his mouth ^^
— i wanted to ask if you oliver or anyone else knows the name of that lovely hentai thanks for your answeres :)


^yeah, the first arc in Taihen Yokudekimasu.

Also, I think the 3rd chapter of Mozaiku x Sanshimai came out a little while ago, in case you missed it.


Fantastic share.
Now I all we need is Nurunuru Desu and XXXX Mamire to get completely translated.


hi everyone! mind if ask?? :) does this compose of only one scenario? or several??




Filesonic not working.. :(


DAMM – this is great stuff.

Seems that, according to "catdrag0n", this in in line for de-censoring at some future time. Talk about "taking something good and making it even better.