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The Chart Of The Peak [English, 202 pictures], by Nico Pun Nise

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Another tanned girl doing anal in other pages :D

This came as an unexpected surprise, here is the a complete brand new manga by Nico Pun Nise, The Chart Of The Peak, 202 pictures long, thanks to Tadanohito and Byelnats who commissioned it :D

Graphically, this is Nico Pun Nise quality. Scenario wise, however, I’ve seen better. Quite often.

The two thirds of the manga are made of a long scenario about a father-son-3-other-girls relationship, with drugs, counterdrugs, tactics, and, of course, the male hero’s Magic Rod being even more efficient than drugs. This was mostly interesting, despite the fact I HATE drugs when used as an alibi for sex, but fortunately there was no mind break and the scenario kept it in good order without abusing the drugs theme. The last third of the manga was fucken lame stories, with rape, degradation, abandonment and that kind of shit, I’ve deleted these parts from my disk.

Useful precision, you may have see already an English version of this manga ? It was just a rewrite, someone imagined dialogues and wrote them in the speech bubbles, that other version wasn’t an actual translation. The version I’m sharing here is the real deal, on the opposite :D

For MORE, Cf. The list of ALL Nico Pun Nise’s works on Hentairules :)

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the backup gallery)

Here comes the zip link! Help yourselves! ^^
(91 MB, 202 pictures, English)

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boooooom there goes a bomb

nice drop oliver


Is this the same as Peak Seed? If it is this is one of my favs =)


Wow. I wasn't sure if this was ever going to get a real translation, considering how old it is and the fact that there was a rewrite floating around. I guess I am glad to see it, although story-wise, it is the worst thing Nico Pun Nise has ever done. The artwork is still amazing, and the sex scenes are still hot, but I am saving this one more for completeness of my collection than anything else.

Thanks to Tadanohito and Byelnats for making a real translation of this a reality. Thanks Oliver for sharing.


Oh oh oh !
Nice :D


The girl in the main scan reminds me of Sarah from Witchcraft. That's a good enough reason for me to get it. Thanks Oliver.


Wow, this came out of nowhere!
thx oliver! Nico Pun Nise FTW! xD


Spoiler alert!

To be honest I found the theme a bit confusing. First I thought from the early pages it was going to be part femdom part mdom. Then it turned into a dark harem/slave one. Then at the end it suddenly turns 'family together'. The following stand-alone chapters actually made much more sense, even though they could be confusing as well. I'd say read it for the art, not the story.

Makkari Bromstom
Makkari Bromstom

+1 to Grant, the story didnt liked at all D:
Purimu no nikki is far better

anyway thx for the share Oliver


Nico Pun Nise is awesome. Well, aside for that rape-for-14-years chapter in the middle.
But honestly Oliver, you didn't like the the short story about the suicidal girl ? I thought it was cute with a happy ending and all.


I hope there isnt any NTR in there the story sounds interesting and if it is Happy Sex I'm all for it.