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The Catcher In The law chapters 1-2-3 [English], by Ahiru Okano

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UPDATE : This post is now obsolete, you may find the COMPLETE version of this manga, on THAT PAGE of Hentairules :)

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
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i agree with you oliver, i couldn't even read the second volume of hana, and great escape… everytime a new chapter comes out i just think, there she goes cheating on her boyfriend again…
oh well, tastes right? ;P


for some reason Great Escape doesn't feel like a NTR story, but it gota be a huge fing pile of stinky NTR, it lives on the heroin being so cute and a absence of the bf


i like the story and the girl for this one…

but i think the translation is a bit off….
for example at the page 10, middle left panel, when the girl say, it should be
"that's because the only man i date until now is Takayama only!"
And the last panel page 10 also, the girl should say " He try to kiss me, and i rejected, AND THEN HE DUMP ME"

also page 20, middle right panel the guy should say " because they're doing it with the person they like" "dont put it the same as crime" , and the girl said " i know i know "

that's what i got when i read from the japanese one…., there's also other….but i just put this for now


Sadly, the reason why there aren't that many harem-type mangas where it is one woman having sex with many men is rather simple: there is a deep rooted prejudice against it. If a guy goes out and has sex with every woman in his office, he is praised for it by being called lucky, a stud, a "lady-killer", etc. If a woman goes out and has sex with all the men in her office, she is criticized for it by being called a slut or whore. Ai Sugimoto, Hana, and a few other female characters can get away with having multiple partners, but sadly that is the exception more than the rule.


You are correct. A double standard is in place for the genders. Sometimes I feel a lot of hentais get the bad NTR wrap just because the female heroine is sexually aggressive and willing. IMHO I don't find the Great Escape to be all that much NTR, just a heroine who is sexually curious and open to sex with multiple partners. I can't tell how many mags I have read where some dude literally fucks a room full of women while he has wife on the side with very little outcry from the community (outside "this plot is so boring"), yet commenters are ready to grab their pitchforks when a woman does it.
Oh well. Not really a point in over-analyzing hentai anyway.


Is there some kind of script kiddy ruining the ratings? I totally doubt there have been 168 people voting for this and the other new posts!

Ai Lover
Ai Lover

I like this kind of story,
It's such a shame that hana holiday was heavily censored,
Stupid japanese guy, if he so care about the stupid law couldn't he just place a minor black bar,
Why instead wasting time by erase the cock and pussy?

Thanks oliver for sharing this,
Is there any other story like this?


Okano also did Lying May, which I'm fairly sure you have a post on already.