Just a musical recommendation : Symphonicities, by Sting

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 4 comments
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I’m an old fan of Sting and of Police, but I’ve long lost track of Sting’s musical creations. Two days ago, I discovered a new CD by him called Symphonicities, made half of new songs, half of symphonical reprises of his old songs, and it was like re-discovering this artist from scratch… I miss words to describe it, but if you liked Sting, you may be very interested in what he’s become, especially with a CD like that…

So, just in case you also like Sting and you also lost track of him, try Symphonicities, I liked that one a lot :) Try Roxanne, Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic… RHA, it was good !

I give a link to listen to it online, bound to work if you live in countries in which Deezer will work, but hey, between itunes and filestube, you should be able to find what you need by yourself, anyway ;)

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13 years ago

Thanks for this, I'm not really a fan of Sting but I'll download the new album and give it a try.

13 years ago

I just adore symphonical music!
As much as I love ladies in glasses :D
I'll give the album a swing and if there's any tunes that catches me eye, I'm going itunes :D

13 years ago

I love Police and some of sting, but this one…it's so bad.

Killing those strong hits by himself just to make some bucks, sting should be ashamed.