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Ero Manga Girl chapter 1 [English], by Hattori Mitsuka

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No waiting, miss, not in such a situation :D

Update : good news, this post is obsolete !

I’m now sharing the COMPLETE version of this manga,
you’ll find it on THAT page, enjoy ! ^_^

I don’t know if you’re familiar with the term “mise-en-abyme” ?

I know this isn’t very well-known in my own language, so in English, it could be absolutely unknown to anyone save literary students, or, to the contrary, be common knoweledge to grade schoolers – I can’t tell.

Just in case, a short summary, there is a mise-en-abyme, for instance, when you read a book telling you about a character already reading a book. When you read a manga and one of the characters tells “this only happens in mangas”. When you watch a play with the actors impersonating fictional actors in a fictional play…

The most beautiful and artistic mise-en-abyme I saw so far has been in the movie The Truman Show. There is a lachrymal scene in which we see sequences of Truman’s younger days, displayed on a large screen watched by the show’s producer. There is a sad, touching, moving, harrowing music, you can almost feel the tenderness and yet the cold cruelty the producer is feeling towards this poor, oblivious, innocent Truman. The camera zooms out. Until you finally see there was a piano, with a guy playing the lachrymal music. The moment I saw that piano being played was one of those “transcendency” moments letting me know I was watching a REALLY great movie :)

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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I downloaded a raw of this over a year ago. It's nice to see it translated.

I've never heard the term "mise-en-abyme" used in America. It might be used in other English speaking countries for all I know.


Im sure mise en abîme is part of the American vernacular considering the movie Inception is the only thing people are talking about these days.

Thank you for sharing this.


American here. Never heard the term. Sounds similar to 'breaking the fourth wall'. But closer to having a story within a story. So, yeah.


Yeah, in America, we call it 'Breaking the Fourth Wall'. I have no idea where it comes from, or what the other 3 walls are, buuuut, yeah. Haven't posted in a while, just wanted to say thanks for the awesome shares all the time! ^.^


I don't think "breaking the forth wall" would be a correct comparison. "Breaking the fourth wall" usually means that the characters are a) talking directly to the reader/watcher, or b) doing something or saying something which indicates the characters *know* they are part of a fictional story.

Mise-en-abyme seems to be that the characters are simply doing something related to what form of media the story is in. A newspaper cartoon character reading newspaper cartoons. A movie character that is watching a movie. A tv show character watching tv. None of them are acknowledging that they are in a cartoon or movie or tv show.

That is my understanding, anyways.


Lol to answer your question Oliver, you remember that time where I managed to transfer your donations… well part of the donations went to this project… so technically your a donor of this project.

H. Sweden
H. Sweden

The link to the explanation doesn’t seem to work.

Btw, the term “fourth wall” is apparently derived from the theater scene, where there are one wall behind the scene, and one wall each to the left and right. (I guess there technically might not be a wall, if there’s a hallway the actors enter and leave through, but still…)

The “fourth wall” refers to the area between the scene and the audience, and if it’s deliberately broken, it’s an attempt to break out of the “diegetical reality” within the scene and interact with the audience.


I must warn you, kind patrons of Hentai Rules, that most of Mitsuka Hattori's work is either guro or beastiality. Unfortunately I cannot unsee what I have seen.

LIt Student Lol
LIt Student Lol

It's called a meta narrative in English.