Koi no Hana chapters 1-5 [English, 122 pictures], by Kogure Mariko

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 4 comments
Tags: happy sex
Those faces, those faces !!

In Koi No Hana, the world seems to revolve around the incredibly cute and lovely faces of the heroines, with sex coming as a bonus in the second half of each chapter, this is “the James Hotate touch”, and it gives a really, really good feeling :)

Thanks a LOT to Cannibal, Conan and RaikenTB who brought us these so nice chapters :)
Scenario-wise, this is simple stories with happy sex. Graphically, the faces are a gift from Heaven, and the sex is hardcore, there’s no way to complain :3

UPDATE : The present page is now obsolete, you’ll find the COMPLETE and ENTIRELY UNCENSORED version of Koi No Hana on THAT PAGE, hurry up ! ;)

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Damn, I just like this guy's drawings… his style is just my thing I'd say.


i second that. just love his style. thanks oliver


Chapter 4, Oh my lord chapter 4 is awesome.


Many thanks Cannibal, Conan and RaikenTB for all their hard work on this. Thanks Oliver for sharing.