Uncensored version of Leisurely Days [English, uncensored – d’oh], by Shunjou Shuusuke

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 12 comments
Blast it, I totally underestimated the difficulty

When I first read Leisurely Days, I thought “OK, I’m going to decensor that one, this is going to be another piece of cake”.

So, I decensored it. It was a living hell :angry:
Decensoring it hurt my neurones like bitch, so, without being too insistent, I really, really hope you’ll find this hentai manga to your taste, guys ^^

Usually, there are 1-3 zones to decensor per page, and my usual tricks (levels correction, or select-copy-paste-rotate, or select-clone stamp inside selection) do the job. Well, this time… Some pages had 6-7 zones to decensor (just one exception, the gangbang in the last Tayu Tayu chapter – I had decensored the magazine version of it – had even more zones to decensor, another living hell ^^), and the decensoring, though looking easy, proved painful. Several zones required from me to do straight redrawing, something I had always managed to avoid so far :|
I’m very satisfied with the final result, don’t worry this isn’t an ugly job, but dang, if I had known how much time it would take, I’d have given up before I started ¬_¬

UPDATE : good news, this post is obsolete !

I’m now sharing the COMPLETE manga in which which this chapter belongs, called Nee Mou Sukoshi Dake. Enjoy ! :)


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Thanks for all the hard work Oliver, it is appreciated. Of course, many thanks to DesuDesu and Setebos for the original version.


Thanks for decensoring this. it's definitely appreciated.


Thank you for your effort Oliver, looks great.


thanks to everyone who put in the work for this. can't wait to read thanks oliver!


I'm glad Oliver u didnt know how much work it would be beforehand :) Thanks to that I can enjoy superb work by Shunjyo Shusuke and decensored to boot. I appreciate all ur hard work :) THX.
And of course big TY to Setebos and Desu for making this goodness even better:)


O look, another wife who cheats on her husband because he has the nerve to *gasp* work!


Thanks oliver for you hard work.

Edit: small erro — Shunjyo Shusuke is spelled "Shunjyoh Shusuke" in the post title (extra 'h')


Thanks a lot for this! I always love Shunjyo's works such erotic text boosts my arousal right up! great stuff! :D


Well, the history is very lame. And like another many many many hentai, look unimaginative.
I welcome a more original ideas.


Um Oliver, there seems to be a problem for me when I used Hotfile. It downloaded halfway then pretty much stopped. Could you check it out? Thanks.


i love the babe's expression n text….dat alone is enuf to jerk me off