Three news and updates

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 3 comments
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Hello everyone, three news to post :)

– First, you may remember the thing by Saz I shared just yesterday ? I had completely forgotten I was sharing other things by this artist, the WTF-esque Kampfuck and Capu 2 To Vampire. They’re interesting works, especially Kampfuck showing how far a mangaka can go as soon as he gives up on common sense :)

– Second, this is a heads-up, one of my older much-appreciated shares has been reuploaded, this is Ane Ane Mix [English, 197 pictures], by Hirozumi Akitsuki. I reupload other things quite usually, but this would would be a shame to miss that one because of links that were dead for a pair of months.

– Third, this is a most interesting news, Flattr is now fully working, the closed beta is finished and now it’s officially open :)

Have you heard about Flattr ? If you’re a webmaster, I really strongly encourage you to take part in promoting this initiative, you’ll be improving the internet and making a few bucks in the process ! As a webmaster, setting it up takes one minute – but since this project is still fresh, it needs to be promoted as much as possible to become mainstream :)

Flattr is a very simple micro-payment system, getting rid of all the psychological barriers and of the loss of time preventing people from making a gesture. It can be used to give support to a project, to show appreciation to an artist sharing his works, or to a blogger writing good posts – anything, actually. Several good-doing projects and even NGOs have created their flattr account to receive donations for instance.
More examples : you don’t earn enough to pay an expensive subscription to a newspaper, but their website lets you read it online for free ? Click their flattr button.  You like a band but you resent the fact they’ll earn 2$ when you spend 20$ on their latest CD, click the flattr button on their facebook webpage every week. Your buddies write good stuff on their blogs ? Flattr them too hoping they do the same with you ! Etcetera, etcetera…

To understand more the interest of Flattr to show your support without implications, without loss of time, and with a small financial impact that you can fully control, you can watch this official video, or read this (long) Techcrunch article :)

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13 years ago

According to the Doujinshi database the circle SAZ and the circle Kamo Roosaazu are two different entities.

13 years ago

this flattr thing seems to be a very promising system actually.