Two In One [English], by Kame

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 6 comments
Tags: comedy
The SFXes were funny ^^

After The Logical Song, by Supertramp, here comes The Logical Hentai Manga.

A female student somehow “took in” the soul of her departed brother, so, logically, she grew a penis. Since she and her brother take turns controlling her body (that makes sense, come on), the brother triggers a situation in which sex occurs with a young hot female teacher.
This story is terribly stereotypical, cliché, I’m appalled at the lack of imagination hentai artists can display, won’t they ever imagine something out of the usual ?
*cough* :D

If you really want an opinion about this manga : after all, the drawings aren’t bad ! ^^
Just a remark, the young female teacher has a great body but I have to warn you, she has huge lips (I don’t dislike it – heck, I EVEN find Alita from Gunnm sexy, and she has octopus lips !).
Thanks a lot to Carstairs and Super Shanko :)

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Here comes the zip link! Help yourselves! ^^
(5 MB, 20 pictures, English)

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13 years ago

I agree about Alita, big lips, etc. Big lips are quite underutilized.

You know, I think we've been in the hentai world too long when something small like having big lips is a conceivable a turn-off, but something big like being an android doesn't get a second thought… ^_^;

13 years ago

Alita is totally hot, what's wrong with octo-lips? And what is with the total lack of decent Gunnm hentai on the web?

13 years ago

Nice one… is that part of a bigger series on the adventures of Futaba Kasane and her inner brother, or is that story a one off, from a mag or a collection of unrelated stories?

13 years ago

I love all the futa you're posting lately.Her lips aren't too big, I've definitely seen worse. Thanks :)

13 years ago

I’m sure the reason hentai artists usually don’t put much effort into the scenario or story because whether they do or don’t, it will still sell. The same seems to be true with anime and hollywood’s movies. For every one great movie or anime that comes out there’s probably 5-8 uninspired and insipid works released.

12 years ago

again i found a second part on e-hentai hope it helps (i find it on e-hentia download it here)