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Uncensored version of Mitsunyuu Volume 1 [English, 214 pictures], by Yumisuke Kotoyoshi

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The scenario pissed me off, to be frank

With many thanks to H9E (may he never fall short of condoms at crucial times as a reward), here is the now completely uncensored version of Mitsunyuu, a well-drawn hentai manga :)

I have really mixed feelings towards this one…

On the negative side, this manga is based on a fucked up scenario as I deeply hate them : a calculator, untrustworthy, manipulative, smart and handsome guy toying with the minds of a group of girls to turn them into sex slaves and destroy their sense of dignity.
On the positive side, this manga really contains great drawings, highly unusual but very appealing. A strange way to draw eyes, faces and breasts, liberal freedom taken with the hips, this is really pleasant for the eye. – And now, even better, this is uncensored !

Same conclusion as usual in this case, see for yourselves ! ;)

(For MORE mangas by this artist, please refer to the list of ALL his works !)
(to be frank, I prefer these other works to Mitsunyuu)

 english hentai   english hentai   english hentai

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Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(67 MB, 214 pictures, English)

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It's interesting. I remember reading this for the first time and I didn't like the art nor the story. Some time later I "found" this again and properly read it … and I loved it, both the story and the art.

And unlike you Oliver, I actually liked the main character exactly because of the reasons you hated him. Cold, calculative, handsome, untrustworthy and complete lack of empathy and yet it's hinted (unlike so many other hentai villains) that he has a reason for being this way.

Either way, I liked it. Here's to hoping that the next volume will be released soon (and that the antagonist wins :D)


Nice stuff :D. I liked the censored version well enough, thanks to the size and tanslucency of the bars, but this version does make more of a difference than I'd have guessed.


Oh nice, i just finished looking through the 2nd volume, you should upload it as well as the new chapters for Nana to Kaoru stuff XD.


I really like the first volume….the second one is total freaking buzzkill for me…


Yumisuke Kooyoshi… If I'm not wrong he draw the Saber Marionette manga (script by Satoru Akahori, AKA the ecchi emperor, the king of perverts, etc…). HE had a very strange drawing style, with very big cheeks and boobs and the "mini-fang" showing every time someone open the mounth.
But this type of work…. Yeah, he hasimproved the drawing, but the theme is just…. How can I say it?



At first it was unpleasant with the calculator but then a story begins to develop about why he is the way he is. Then at the end we see, hopefully, a hero who won't just be like every other male character in these types of mangas. The male non-calculator-like characters often tend to be weak and beaten, they join the calculator, or they are worse than him and turn into the calculator. Rare is it to see a hero who comes in at the middle or near the end of these stories who, despite the despair of the girls, manages to get through to them and outsmarts the calculator without becoming a calculator… But I doubt this is the case with this manga. It seems as though this will be another cliche ero-manga about the depravity and degradation of women at the hands of a smarter and more superior *cough* man….


Not my usual cup of tea, but not to bad either. Looking forward to vol. 2.