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North American persons, from Boston, Montreal and Toronto more precisely for September, help appreciated :)

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Hello everyone, one of my close friends, with his girlfriend, aged 26, started visiting USA and Canada for the next 3 months, to meet people and discover a bit more about North American lives and culture… And they are searching for cool guys ready to host them too, him and his girlfriend :)

They’re two nice persons, young, intelligent, French, loving to party without excess (they’re fine drinkers too, don’t talk to them about Belgian beer ^^), taking walks in nature or camping, playing music…

Would you be interested ? The idea is called “couch surfing”: you agree to host one or two persons at your place for x days (on a sofa or in a friends bedroom, as you like), and in exchange, next, it’s your turn being hosted somewhere in the world at someone’s place, because you proved you’reΒ  a cool guy too.
There is a whole website about couch surfing, check it out, it’s really a GREAT concept :

And here is the couch surfing profile of my friend :

And even if you don’t give a fuck about couch surfing but you like meeting nice people and you’d be interesting in meeting and hosting two persons I personally recommend, it’s fine too ;)
It’s cool, to meet foreigners, to exchange points of view, and have agreable times :)

My friend and his girlfriend chose this agenda. They can adapt it if they’re offered hosting elsewhere at a given time, and if nobody offers at the right time, sadly and without the least possible fun, they’ll then chose hotels.

– starting 8 september, in New York for 8 days (they already have a couch surfer for NY, but, hey, if you wish to meet them, they’re open)
– then Boston, one week (today as I write it, they should have arrived in Boston)
– then Montreal, one week
– then Toronto (undetermined staying time)
– San Francisco, during the 8 or 9 first days of october
– then off to California for two weeks wwoofing (they’ll have housing, but if you want to meet cool persons, it will be their Californian time), ending at a date between 15 and 19 of october
– following this, the dates aren’t determined yet and it will depend on housing offers or their local inspiration, here’s their plan :
– the National Parks will be visited extensively, they adore touring them, visiting, BBQinq, camping, walking.
– a “states tour with Las Vegas at some point”, as my friend’s girlfriend summarized with a smile : California, moving to Oregon, moving to Nevada, moving to Arizona, maybe moving back to California. Until the 10th of november, approximatively.
– then a few days in San Francisco, a few more days in New York, and back to Old Yurop (as Dubya says) the 21st of november.

If the idea interests you, and you’re in the concerned areas, would you like to help a bit ? In terms of cultural contact, in terms of fun, I believe it would be worth it for you too :)

You can contact my friend through his Couch Surfing profile, or send me an email, I’ll give you my friend’s direct email :)

– Update : I posted this announcement everywhere I could, please, don’t mention my friend you saw this on a porn website :3

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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Are you sure you want your friend to stay with the kind of people that view this site? Especially the ones who like the materials you hate…just saying.

I'd do it, but they seem to be staying far to the North of me.


I have seen a few too many horror movies to let that kind of thing happen. Sorry….but I have to say no on this one..


I'm a couchsurfer, but unfortunately an Italian one :)
In my experience is really a bad idea to go sleeping with somone is not already in the couchsurfing project. If you are a couchsurfing type, you are already there ^^

BTW I've travelled with couchsurfing and that's great :)


If I lived in North America, I'd do it. Sounds like a great idea.


Couch surfing in the United States is dangerous. Your friend is suicidal.


Agreed. I do hope they are getting some form of out of country medical and life insurance.


Sounds dangerous. For them i mean. If they want to come to floria, i could work on my roommate. She owes me, so it's a maybe.


Couchsurfing is new to me (I live in toronto). America is just a dangerous place in general but up here we even have a hotel for backpack travelers (I know it's not the same thing) where you can stay for up to a week for free. Tbqh I would help if I actually had space to keep them (not to mention I have roommates who would not approve)