Distorted Figures [English, Complete], by Otono Natsu

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 5 comments
Tags: threesome
No, that is NOT incest

Distorted Figures is a love story between a young man and his two female neighbours (they may call him Onii-chan, this is, still, not incest, just for the precision). There’s mutual love, there are duos and a big threesome, there’s oral and vaginal sex, good tittyfucks…

I won’t call the scenario a marvel of nature, but, still, there is one, and it’s humorous, that should make do.
In other words, I highly recommend you that share :D

Thank you very much, Wrathkal and Noel, from Team Vanilla :)

Really, please, don’t miss it if you haven’t read it yet, by Otono Natsu I also share the EXCELLENT Paff Paff [English, 220 pictures].

UPDATE : as I learned a bit later, Distorted Figures belongs to a full manga called Paco-Paco. To make things simpler for the future, I share the repacked Paco-Paco on THAT page, go leech it up there ! :)

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Thanks Oliver. I'm liking the sample scans there.


It's called 'Distorted Figures' for a reason, man! Hence the weird x-ray rod shots, lol. It's gotta be on purpose. Thanks for the share, bro.


Thanks but shouldn't there be a incest tag?


thx for sharing :D