Scout End [English], by Kurokoshi You

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 4 comments
Tags: tomboy
Me, I'd do her

Scout End is a fairly simple story, with a tiny bit of humour : tomboy X well-built childhood friend. Guess what happens with such a combo ? Maybe you will recognize Cgrascal’s touch, thanks to him !

The drawings are nice, there’s a little bit of an attempt at humour and scenario before sex begins, and well… that’s all I felt I needed to say as a description, for the rest, see if you like the drawings, heh ? ;)

–UPDATE : good news, this post is obsolete !
This share now belongs to In-Suru, a delightful hentai gem :)


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13 years ago

OK. This was rather nice (4 when You're not expecting too much).

Also, "Hentai Comic Books" ( ), one of Your "Good Various Links" and one of my online-only friends, went down (damn blogspot) with no prior warning. I'm still even hosting his animated banner in one of my hosts….
Did You hear from him?… I just can't get a hold of him right now… If he "Moved" his site, I'd also like to know where to…

Regards 4 All this awesome shares of yours.

"Goodbye and Thanks for All The Fish." Also, "42". LoL!. XD

C Ya L8r then!. (since I'll be poking around for an answer to that) ;P

13 years ago
Reply to  TheBest_F-22

autumnfox posted here a couple of months ago, he'd had all his files deleted and couldn't face upping them all again, so he quit. Too bad :(

13 years ago
Reply to  bigfan

autumnfox said that?!??…


a HUGE Collector falls again. "Another one bites the dust!." T_T ;_;

No fair!. That is so Sad. I knew his internet wasn't that fast too, which could have contributed to that decision, but!!!… No one should ever give in to those "deleting bastards"!.

And he had some things that ain't here too. (and that some got corrupted along with some other files on my USB pen) I mean, Who else would share something like "Ovulation Exhibition" by "Komine Tsubasa", for example?!… (I've been searching but no good matches yet)
HCB going down is though indeed… DX

Thx 4 the info… ;_;

C Ya L8r then!. ;P

P.S.: Oliver, Apparently You'll have to take HCB's link down definitely… DX

13 years ago

Thanks a lot Cgrascal and Oliver. I'm really lookin' forward to reading this.