Mai Favorite [English, Uncensored Tank Version, 215 picture], has been updated :)

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 2 comments
in Categories: Just Talking

Uncensored hentai is the best ^_^

I’ve been contacted by Tranger, a member of Oasis Scantrad, a French scanlation website (yo dear frog eaters, if you want to read hentai in French, Mai Favorite for instance, it’s a good place –  their only fault is that the webmaster has an arm-long pickle in the ass and won’t do link trades), about Mai Favorite. Tranger had adapted my version of Mai Favorite to French, and he noticed a few things.

Simply said : the version of Mai Favorite everyone had so far still contained – blasphemy – three pictures with censorship. Tranger decensored these English pictures, and sent them to me. So, Tranger, thanks a lot ! ^_^

You may download once again the 140 MB large awesome Mai Favorite manga (215 pictures), as long as you don’t waste MY time I don’t mind what you do with yours :D

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13 years ago

Many thanx Oliver. Hard to believe, but i disn't read it yet.

13 years ago

many thanks for the undate. i was wondering when part 4 of sweet hearts is coming out.