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Kaichou No Iinari chapters 0-1-2 [English], by Syati Kamaboko

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Please don't misunderstand me when I write it, but, in a way, I'd love to fuck these eyes :D

Those eyes !

UPDATE : the present page is obsolete, I now share the COMPLETE and UNCENSORED version of this manga !
To get it, please follow that link =)

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You want to fuck eyes? o.0

Yes I'm deliberately misunderstanding you. :D


hes trying to say the eyes note the intention and expression of sex before actually engaging in it


I've been drawing all my life, manga-style, but I can never duplicate or even draw similar eyes as perfectly as this artist have. Man do I envy him/her.
O, and about that poem Olly, you are definitly right! Frank Herbert was spot on about the sexy eyes, sure you can make a sly expression, but the eyes on the expresion makes it more profound it's almost like a hipnotizing effect.
I for one am weak when it comes to cat-eye-shaped japanese/chinese eyes, and when they make their eyes like that as you've shown above, my legs just gives out on me…


I clicked the post based on the thumbnail before I read it and was like "omg those eyes, must have" lol didn't know the post was about the eyes. Any more from this artist?