More news from the Gunma Kisaragi front, Love Selection has been updated with a third uncensored chapter =)

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on No comments

Love Selection ^_^

I thought you’d appreciate the heads-up, I updated Gunma Kisaragi’s Love Selection [English, 302 pictures] with a third uncensored chapter, thanks to Z-hentai’s admin once again – I’m under the impression I’m really going to love that guy :D

The more the merrier, if you’re interested in decensoring hentai yourself, please, take a look at Ero-Otoko’s guide ! I won’t tell I learned everything from his guide (I was already decensoring stuff before), but it allowed me to make a giant leap in terms of quality and productivity. If YOU want to learn how to decensor and share your decensorings, this guide is the best help on Earth :)

Or you may download the WHOLE manga, or view its complete pictures gallery (the newly uncensored chapter 3 is at the bottom of the pictures gallery), all this, on Love Selection’s Page :)

A little precision : it was the magazine version of the chapter 3 that has been decensored, so I kept, in my big Love Selection archive, two versions. Both the censored tank version, with better picture quality, and the uncensored magazine version (with less good-looking pictures, but no annoying censorship either).

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