A deranging and interesting comment

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on
in Categories: Just Talking

My share of the almost entirely uncensored version of When You Let Go Of My Hands, yesterday, got the reactions I expected. Save one.

Yeah, it’s a porn-free post, just discussing about possible interpretations of a story, so you’re not forced to read ;)

There were mostly people expressing their legit rage, a few remarks that I might have been clearer about the contents to explain (well, I started my first description chapter with “Fuck you dumb cow !” and ended it with “GRRR”, I deem it clear enough). Rage at the girl, rage and slight understanding at the male hero.

But then, one comment kinda took me by surprise. You’ll find the comment HERE, precisely. I must say, it’s a disturbing idea, as if we were blaming everything on the heroine only, as if her abyssal dumb cowness was not the main reason behind the whole scenario, as if she was a mere victim of another main problem, implying the persons to blame were MEN, while we’re always lying the blame on WOMEN. You get the gender-prejudice idea.

Well, I have no clear position about this for the moment, but I thought it was interesting enough to make a post about it. Think whatever you like about it, it’s your porn, after all :)

(oh, and if you want to discuss the matter in more details, please do it in in the When You Let Go Of My Hands page, to avoid confusion I’m closing this post’s comments.)

Nano-update, NO, even if my English isn’t perfect, using “deranging” instead of “disturbing” wasn’t an accidental mistake.