The Crimson Comics HYPER pack has been updated – now counting 55 translated doujinshi and 2834 pictures :D

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 1 comment
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Crimson Comics HYPER pack

I updated my Crimson Comics hyper pack with more stuff…

The changes since the previous pack :
– addition of Voyage
– addition of Bonney’s Defeat
– addition of the Selfish animated gifs (link)
– much better-looking cover for Rekka no Kizuato, thanks to a kind person wishing not to be named
– much better resolution version of the whole The Tragedy of Nami, thanks to a kind person wishing not to be named

That makes it a gigantic archive with EVERYTHING available in English by Crimson Comics to this day, 55 volumes, 2834 pictures, all in English – not bad, huh ? :D

The Crimson Comics HYPER pack is available ON THAT PAGE :)

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13 years ago

Thank You for this pack… but I gotta tell you something – at this rate, this pack will need to be a torrent instead of a ddl pack. Judging by the size, it's ginormous… I've seen a raw set of Crimson Comics stuff totaling up to [ >55] doujinshi – and the people can choose what to download as well. I hope that I can get the [ >55] pack of works… but it's huge (methinx it's overkill ^.^;)

2 links to find the doujin… hopefully the links are still in use…