There are no hotfile mirrors this evening, I’ll fix that tomorrow, hopefully

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on No comments
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Just a small note, for today’s shares, there won’t be hotfile mirrors. While hotfile works for the rest of the world (I tested with proxies), in my own case, the website won’t load, running in a loading loop until giving up. I tried everything, changing DNS, OS, browser, computer, nada. And hotfile won’t work (allowing uploads !) behind a proxy.

So, sorry guys, I picked another mirror for the evening. As soon as the hotfile techies fix the problem (or find me a better proxy than the unbeatables glype and surrogafier), I’ll be glad to give you hotfile links again :)

Update : hotfile is still not working for me, but I just remembered I had an unused ipredator subscription running. It took only 30 minutes configuring it (couldn’t anyone bother to write clearly that Netgear WGR series routers were requiring port 1723 to be forwarded to avoid the dreaded typical enterprise-VPN “error 800” ?!? :wall:  – Hey Google, remember it ! Free porn tech support !), and now hotfile works again. I wonder why they hate my IP/IP range.
The hotfile links will be added now :)

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