Long Summer Vacation [English], by Minpei Ichigo

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 6 comments

Hmph. Hard to summarize.

I have mixed feelings towards that one. The worst thing I could say is that it features soft mind-break (soft, because no violence is applied, and the girl’s “conversion” took forever), technically this is no rape, there’s quickly happy sex… Graphically, if you like a big-titted girl in bikinis having lots of sex, you’re in the right post.
Argh, I don’t find the proper words. It’s up to you to make yourself an idea, anyway :D

Credits and thanks are for Biribiri and Afro Thunda, and Raikoh from Doujin Moe !

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On second thought, I still give you a more detailed summary. Ideally, I’d love my blog posts to save you some time, so that, later on, you don’t consider you wasted time and bandwidth with your downloads.

The heroine “sells” the usage of her body during summer holidays to a rich guy, in exchange of an admission at a good school with a scholarship. She’s cold, but of course she loves being sexed, and in the end she becomes addicted to the customer’s dick, and stays with him forever, giving up on her studies, while he seems to give up on his own exterior life too.
This is boring soft (not violent at all) mind break, but not only that. After all, her male partner doesn’t treat her as a walking onahole but shows a bit more consideration, and he stays with her all along, at least, she’s not a disposable sex doll :roll:

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Makkari Bromstom
Makkari Bromstom

kinda cool draw but crapy story, anyway thx for the share Oliver :S


Holding somebody prisoner on a deserted island, and holding them in economic bondage seems coercive enough to me. And her not resisting, surrendering to the inevitable, isn't voluntary AFAIC….

Besides that fat fuck was ugly as sin… YUCK!


Sold herself. Those two words are why this comic shall never grace my harddrive.


Same mixed feelings here. On one hand the art style was fantastic and the girl was drawn superbly.
But the guy and the fact she sold herself, not to mention the fact that she mentions losing her virginity on the first night she arrived makes you .. almost feel bad.

Mixed feelings.


Hmm…. people with moral here huh? For me I enjoy rape. LOL


^ I actually tought I was the only moral here! O.O