Redirection page : Itaba Hiroshi’s works on Hentairules

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 5 comments

hiroshi itaba no make girl english hentai

THIS is the page I will update with the list of all the works by Itaba Hiroshi that I share on Hentairules.

The quality of the scenarii will vary, but graphically, this is very good, with close to zero censorship and greatly detailed drawings most of the time. Most of the girls are between 20 and 30 by their looks.

First, the covers. Next (scroll down) comes the real list.


Houkago No Kanojo Wa Neburarete Naku [English, 247 pictures]
(“My Girlfriend Is Making Lewd Sounds After School”)

Boku No Daisuki Na Oba-san [English, 207 pictures]
(“My Beloved Auntie”)

Haha To Imouto (“Mother And Younger Sister”) [English, 206 pictures]

Ane To Kurasu [English, 199 pictures]
(“Living with Elder Sister”)

Imouto To Yatte Shimattashi, Imouto No Tomodachi To Mo Yatte Shimatta [English, 203 pictures]
(“I Had Sex With My Sister, And Then I Had Sex With Her Friends”)

My Strict Sister [English]

Kekkon Ichinenme No Kozukuri Daisakusen [English]
(“Grand First Anniversary Pregnancy Plan”)

Fudoutoku SEX chapter 1 [English]
+ the complete Japanese manga

Seifuko To Kanojo To [English, 198 pictures]

My Little Sister Can’t Be This Ricchan-Like [English]

The Same School [English]

Laboratory Testing Bench [English]

Kiray = Suki (“Hate = Love”) chapters 3-4-5 [English]

No Make Girl [English, 100 pictures], part of Sonna Koto Naiyou

Late Marriage Life parts 1-2 [English]

Nettai Ya chapters 1-4 [English]

Note : the chapters 1-2 are uncensored :)

Shinya No Jourenkyaku [English]

Little Sister’s Wonderful Surprise Visit [English, Uncensored version]

WARNING : this one is a fucken rewrite ! >_<
If I had known first, I wouldn’t even had shared it :(


Tanima De Obenkyo (“Study With Cleavage”) [English]

Kaki Koushuu De (“Summer Training”) [English]

The Sound Of Senpai [English]

Two Mothers [English, 171 pictures]
This is the main arc of the Haha Futari tank, that isn’t shared yet as some of it isn’t translated yet.

Hankouki [English]

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12 years ago

Oliver I've noticed that your Itaba Hiroshi list is lacking. I've seen more on this site:

You might or might not be able to see this but there might be more English releases here:;…

If you can't seem them on that site then here's the main site:

5 years ago

You’ve already figured out that “Little Sister’s Wonderful Surprise Visit” is a rewrite; allow me to provide a link to the real translation.

4 years ago

Well thank you for this but I can’t find Haha futari tank that you mentioned above for full story. Or two mother 171 pg are full Story itself.

Oliver (AKA the Admin)
Reply to  Bestie

That’s because the tank isn’t available yet in its entirety. A part of it is shared, under the Two Mothers name, it is the main story arc of Haha Futari, but the rest of the manga is still in Japanese, not translated by anyone yet.
I may have to rephrase my page, to avoid this misunderstanding to happen again, I guess =)

4 years ago

Thanks I will get Jap. But I don’t understand it all. I have to enjoy drawing of manga.